Ticks pose a serious health risk to our families and pets. Anyone who spends time camping, hiking, gardening, or enjoying the outdoors can suddenly find a tick or tick nymph threatening their safety.

The TICK NIPPER® is the easiest and safest way to remove ticks.

How the Tick Nipper Works

The Tick Nipper’s long thin jaws slide easily under the tick. They are designed to fit under even the smallest tick or tick nymph.

No matter how hard you squeeze, the big stops between the handles keep you from cutting the tick’s imbedded mouthparts.

A gentle upward tug is all it takes to pull the tick's feeding mouthparts from the victim. You never have to touch the tick.

As this closeup shows, the tick is removed fully intact with its mouthparts.

Safer than Tweezers

Removing ticks with tweezers or fingers are dangerous practices. Ticks are like eye-droppers: squeezing them can force disease microbes inside the tick back into the victim's skin. Plus, twisting or pinching the tick while trying to remove it may break off its delicate mouthparts, leaving them under the skin.

Tweezers vs. Tick Nipper
Squeezes tick during removal, releasing harmful pathogens back into the wound. Wide, thin jaws easily slide under the tick and cradle it to prevent squeezing the tick.
Accidental twisting may break off the tick’s fragile mouthparts and leave them under the skin. Big handle stops keep the mouthparts from being cut, no matter how hard you squeeze the handles.
As soon as you release tweezers, the tick can fall from between the jaws and get lost or escape. Jaws hold the tick in place until you are ready to dispose of it. You never touch the tick.
Because of a tick’s small size, it is difficult, with the naked eye, to see if it was fully removed. 20X lens in the hub allows you to examine the tick and wound afterward to verify complete removal.
Requires extreme precision to remove ticks without squeezing or crushing them. Allows you to grasp the tick anywhere along the jaws and easily remove it even with one hand.

Where to Buy

For over 20 years the Tick Nipper has been keeping families and pets safe as the easiest and cleanest way to remove ticks. No home or first aid kit should be without one. The Tick Nipper is currently available online from the following retailers: